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Julia Melnik

solution-oriented movement theraphy

I use creative and up-to-date practices to build my client's psychological robustness to face adversity by:

  • Giving you psychological skills to manage setbacks.

  • Working together with you to become mentally robust, and having the tools to manage emotionally difficult situations.

  • Working together to create a strong mental toolbox for psychological elasticity.

Let's Heal !


Holistic Methodology

I use a variety of proven and effective methods in addition to

solution-oriented methodology.


Yin Yoga is a restorative style of yoga in which you hold poses for three to five minutes while relaxing the whole body.

perception altering techniques

Given the right information and messages to our body, we can strengthen behavior changes.


EFT (Emotional freedom technique) is a technique that involves tapping near the end points of “energy meridians” located around the body. The tapping process is done in order to reduce physical tension and emotional anxiety.


Practicing "focused" meditation by resting the attention on a single focal point.

 Being able to direct your attention, becoming aware if your mind has wandered, and then being able to redirect your focus is an efficient tool for emotion regulation.


I work with privacy loving individuals from various fields


US, UK, Europe, North Africa, South East Asia