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Julia Melnik

integrated mind-body therapist


I use creative and up-to-date practices to build my client's psychological robustness to face adversity by:

  • Giving you psychological skills to manage setbacks.

  • Working together with you to become mentally robust, and having the tools to manage emotionally difficult situations.

  • Working together to create a strong mental toolbox for psychological elasticity.

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What is an integrative


Integrative therapy/counseling/advisory is a combined approach that brings together different elements of specific therapies. Integrative therapists take the view that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations. Rather, each person needs to be considered as a whole, and techniques used should be tailored to their individual needs and personal circumstances.

Are your online sessions as effective as face-to-face sessions?
Yes, they are. The future of online mental health services will be heavily based on apps and professionals who offer their services online.
The benefits:
You choose when and where you have a session.
If you prefer to walk and talk (which I recommend doing once in a while), you use your earphones and leave your familiar environment by walking or even bicycling around while we have a session.
My integrative approach
is perfect for you if:
*You find it difficult to put your feelings into words. In this case, we can use yoga, writing, music, and art to channel our inner feelings as well instead of talking.
*You are looking for practical self-soothing tools for anxiety, stress management, and regulating strong emotional reactions.
*You love practical to-the-point & solution-oriented approaches.
*You enjoy a mix of restorative yoga + talk therapy.
*You prefer to be in contact with a therapist when a need arises.
*You are looking for a nonjudgmental open-minded therapist who has wide experience with working with individuals from various cultures, ages, and backgrounds.
*Privacy is a big issue for you and you prefer a minimal digital footprint that will not compromise your identity and the issues you share in our session Because my style of theraphy is heavily based on mind-body work I do not compile a detailed file on anyone. This is particularly important for individuals who work for example in medical practice, military, aviation, politics and/or are in the public eye.